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Retreat for deep healing through the development of our paranormal abilities.

In Zhineng Qigong the terms “sending information” and “receiving information” are used, referring to the ability of human consciousness to know things in their complete or entirety way and also to influence them 100%. It is a great awakening to recognize these innate abilities, and have practices that lead us to their development for a better and more conscious use in our lives.

We focus on the development and use of these abilities so that they can be strengthened and enhanced, in such a way that we get to know ourselves, others and life in the entirety way, in order to be able to unite more with it and create better realities from the dao de.

Welcome to the journey



Healing of oneself, by couple, group, through La Qi, Wu Wei meditation and various practices.

Practicing the ability to receive information, through gan zhi (to know, hear), gan ying (to feel), tou shi (to see inside, through, at a distance). These abilities are great tools for self-knowledge, they allow us to heal, being able to see, hear, feel, both energy and information within ourselves or within another person, in order to also support greater healing to happen.

We also practice these abilities to see, hear and feel everything in life, its energy, its information, and achieve an exchange of past, present and future with plants, minerals, objects, sounds, spaces.

Opening of the upper dantian with tian jian mudra, method of opening tianmu (third eye) from outside, and method of opening tianmu with xu method, to nourish the Qi brain and to raise it to a higher potential.

Varied experiments to develop the ability to send information effectively in ourselves, other people, objects, environment. Training for a strong, concentrated and firm consciousness and will power. Xin xiang shi cheng is a great phrase that we practice: “What you think, you create”, discovering with it our creative potential, revealing life as our own mirror.

Awaken to the greater wisdom of pure consciousness to create realities from the dao de.


The retreat starts on Sunday April 23rd at 16.00, and ends on Sunday 30th at 12.00.

8:00 to 9:00 – Morning practice
9:00 to 10:00 – Breakfast
10:00 to 13:45 – Class
14:00 to 16:30 – Lunch and rest
16:30 to 19:45 – Class
20:00 to 21:00 – Dinner
21:00 to 21:30 – Evening practice

It includes moments of relaxation, nature, celebration, fire

Retreat place

The retreat place is Cortijo las monjas, located in Malaga province, about 50 km from the capital, surrounded by beautiful mountains, with a swimming pool, gardens and wide spaces to enjoy.

There are rustic apartments to share, with private bathroom, kitchen, and terrace or patio with nice views of the surroundings. We have three delicious vegetarian meals per day with extra refreshment in between classes.


8 days, 7 nights, full board: 840€.
Limited capacity! Contact us in advanced.


One Light School

Awakening · Healing · Self-realisation

We cover the different aspects of the human being, body, emotions, mind, Self, for their healing, rebalancing and development, for their inner harmonization and fulfillment in the world.

We offer a global vision where all cultures are welcomed, where we are all one. We share philosophy and practices, healing and celebration, discipline and community.

Welcome to the path!


Rocío Sintas


We are light
One consciousness
At all times

Book your place

If you have any questions, or if you wish to attend the retreat, please contact us by email at: Or fill out the contact form in the link below. Everyone is welcome!


of the mind in oneness

April 23-30 2023

Everyone is welcome

One light