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The 7 gates

and the central channel

Wednesdays · ONLINE

September-June 2024

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One Light School


One Light School works in person in Malaga, Spain, and also online. Sometimes we carry out training and retreats in other countries.

We are dedicated to teaching Zhineng Qigong, a discipline known for its great effectiveness in healing all types of diseases. It includes aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist energy work, Buddhist meditation, and traditional yoga spiritual development.

The purpose of the Online Continuing Education is to offer continuity to those who have already started the practice and also to open a door to any practitioner who wish to know and explore the path. Unlike teacher training, continuing training is aimed at developing our personal practice, deepening it and enriching it. That way we can assimilate the teachings and integrate them into our daily lives. Life is a continuous learning. The path is made by walking!

The classes will be guided by Rocío Sintas, a teacher with more than 10 years of experience in the discipline of self-knowledge and natural and holistic healing.

Everyone is welcome!

One light