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continuing Education


Life is a continuous learning.
Therefore, for those who have been initiated already into the practices, we offer continuity.
It it this way that we can assimilate, deepen and integrate the practice into our lives.

The path is made by walking!

The 7 gates

And the middle channel

From september 2023 to june 2024
3 modules, 9 months

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Practicing Dao De

The root of Qigong

Take your practice to a new level
15 classes with theory and practices
For improving the quality and effectivity of our practice

Teachers Training


Awakening, healing and self-realisation are the core of our School. Therefore, this training offers theoretical and practical teachings so that these three aspects happen in the human being, and we can thereby fulfill the purpose of our existence: to blossom to our best and maximum expression of life.

The Training is aimed both for people who want to learn for their own well-being and growth, and for people who want to become future teachers.

Welcome to the path


Levels 1, 2, 3 & additional practices

January to December 2023
For the moment only in Spanish

Healing and Healers

Complete training for healing and future healers

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One light

awakening · healing · self-realisation