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Practicing the Dao De


The practice of Dao De is considered the root of Qigong.
“One cannot keep the Dao or the Qi by force, one can only stay in it through De.” (Dr Pang)

If we want our Qigong practice to be effective, it is necessary to integrate Qi into our lives.
How to achieve that? In this series of classes we share the keys.

Various talks and healing practices, through levels 1, 2 and 3 of Zhineng Qigong, and additional methods.

Access the complete module or individual classes.

Welcome, welcome, “At your pace.”

Introduction to the Dao De practice


What is health

And what heals me

Deepening the healing to make it more effective and stable. Introduction to the Dao De. The vertical connection with the essence and the horizontal relationship with life.


The Dao

The vertical connection

How to feel complete and how to be independent. The teaching of the candle. Recognizing the potential in everyone.


Balance and success

True success

How to achieve energy balance in our relationships to avoid leaks. Key to true success in life: growing diagonally.

Bringing practice into every aspect of our life


Spiritualizing our life

Dao heart

How to spiritualize our life so that everything acquires meaning. Golden rules for healthy and lasting relationships.


Money and work

Changing patterns

Money as energy. Work as a mission and expression of the dao de. Fulfilling ourselves through our actions is the guarantee of staying in Qi and healthy.


Creativity and love

True passion

Igniting the fire of creativity to increase vitality and passion for life. Creating a strong foundation for health and action.

Cultivating virtues, living from the true Self


Learning how to love

What true love is

How to know if I’m truly loving in my relationships. The 7 components of real love.


The 4 unlimited minds

Brahma viharas

Emotional healing of liver and lungs through the transmutation of anger into Maitri (loving kindness) and sadness into Karuna (compassion).


The 4 unlimited minds

Brahma viharas

Emotional healing of the heart, kidneys and pancreas through the activation of Mudita (selfless joy), Upeksha (equanimity), and a firm will to follow the path of the dao de.



In detail

Understanding and applying equanimity is a high state of qigong practice. Learn more about how to apply it.

Morality and karma: health depending on action



Level 3

A session dedicated to practicing, with standing meditation and the 5 sections of Level 3 for the harmonization of the internal organs.


Correct, incorrect

And guilt

The Dao De in relationships is known as morality. Discovering the universal laws, responsibility and guilt.


Correct and incorrect action

And the different emotions

About the different feelings we have depending on whether we act right or wrong, and how important the right action is for healing and personal development.



Natural and Social effects

Discovering the effect or consequences of our actions, both positive and negative. And the difference between the natural and social response.



How to make it happen

On justice and forgiveness, and the law of compensation and retribution.

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