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One light School

More than 10 years of experience in East and West


Rocío Sintas


We are light
One consciousness
In all times


Practice since 2017

2018 | Teacher Training, 3 months in Qingcheng Mountains.
With Lu Zhengdao, Ling Ming, Xi Xiaofeng, Wei Qifeng and Tao Qingyu.

2018 | Healing classes at Xi’an Center Zhineng Science, 40 days. “La Qi Class” with teacher Wang. “Dissapearing tumours class” with Pan Shubao, Wang Yang Xiashi, Fu Wei, Li Yumin.

2019 June | Organiser for the 1st International Healing Retreat at Xi’an Center, for 3 weeks.

2019 July | Collaborating with Anyang Center in a Children Class.

2019 August | Collaborating with Shouguang Center in “Opening paranormal abilities class for children”, 7 days.

2019 September | Organiser for the 2nd International Healing Retreat at Xi’an Center, 3 weeks.

2019 October | Organiser for the 3rd International Healing Retreat at Xi’an Center, 3 weeks.

2020 April | Organiser for “Opening abilities Online class for children and adults”,  3 weeks.

2020 October to December | Organiser and support teacher for the 3 months Intensive Healing Class with Anyang Center Zhineng Qigong. 

2021 March to May Organiser and support teacher for the 3 months Intensive Healing Class with Anyang Center Zhineng Qigong. 

2021-2022 October to July | 1 Year online Teacher Training Class in collaboration with Xi’an Center. 

2022 | Retreats in Spain and Mexico

And more…

Daily practice since 2012

2012 | 4 days retreat Vipassana, Guatemala

2013 | Intensive practice for 5 months, Guatemala

2014 | 1 month solo retreat, Spain

2017 | 10 days retreat at Wat Tam Wua, buddhist forest monastery in Thailand

2018 | 10 días retreat in Suan Mokk, buddhist monastery in Thailand

2018 | 4 days retreat in Wat Trivisudhidham, buddhist monastery in Thailand

2018 | Visit to some sacred caves and traditional temples in Nepal and north of India

2022 | 10 days at Buddhist Monastery Vajrayana Tradition Dag Shang Kagyu, in Huesca (Spain)

2022 | 7 days of Mindfulness in Rains Retreat at Plum Village, Thich Naht Hanh’s community (France)

2022 | 10 days of Sattipathana Sutta retreat from S.N. Goenka Tradition, at Dhamma Makaranda, Mexico


Approach from early age

2015  | Starts deepening into vedanta philosophy and mantra repetition

2020  | Initiates Sivananda Yoga studies and practice with the European Sivananda Yoga Centers: Meditation Course, Vegetarian Cooking, etc 

2021  |  Initiation into Kriya Yoga formal training from Paramahansa Yogananda with the Self Realization Fellowship

2021  |  200 h TTC Yoga Teacher Training Sivananda in Reith (Austria) 

2022 | Workshop for teachers in the Summer School of Sivananda Yoga, in Aranjuez (Spain)

2012| Studies about medicinal plants with indigenous populations (Caribbean islands).

2012 | Studies about Andean Medicine in Otavalo’s Traditional Cliniques  and Riobamba’a Alternative Hospital (Ecuator).

2012 | Initiation to master plants (Colombia).

2012 – 2018 | Deep immersion into the master plants, work and study (Colombia, Peru, Guatemala and Mexico).

2013 | Initiation to ceremonial cacao (Guatemala).

2013 – 2015 | Attendance to more than 100 cacao ceremonies guided by Keith Wilson.

Since 2013 | Rocio guides her own cacao ceremonies and retreats (Guatemala, España)

2018 | Part of the team for Spiritual retreats with master plants, with Madrina Francisca and Tuchawa (Brasil’ shawandawa tribe), Italy and Malta

Rocío has learnt different healing ways from a variety of traditions during the past years: Reiki, biomagnetism, healing hands, regressions, healing traumas through emotional release, mental reprograming, crystal healing, healing with angels and great masters, psychic reading and tarot cards, and others. Although she no longer uses this methods, they helped her journey of self-discovery.

Rocio was born in Spain. She is graduated in Audiovisual Communication by the University of Malaga.

She worked several years for the United Nations, more specifically the FAO program (Food and Agriculture Organisation) linked to Mediterranean countries.

She carried out her work at the same time that she developed personal projects that were supported by the Goverment. Some examples are:

– Programs for equality of humans rights, environment protection, alternative education and more, by organising screenings and talks to raise awareness in Public Centers, Universities, and Public Institutions. One of this projects was Cinema Politica Malaga.

– Projects to bring peace between countries. One of this projects was “Let’s Talk About Western Sahara”, where young people from all over the world get together to understand each other, discuss under non-violence and find solutions.

She worked as photographer, documentaries producer, translator and interpreter, director of audiovisual content for personal projects and in collaboration with some film producers from Canada and France.



Retreats for Teachers’ training in Malaga, Spain

Classes in Rincón de la Victoria, Malaga

Courses in Malaga

Retreats in Mexico

Awakening the inner master, Retreat in Ciudad de Mexico

Emotional Healing
Retreat in Tepoztlan, Mexico

Nature and vegetarian food in our retreats

Online School


Xi'an Center
Zhineng Science

A Center for Scientific Research in Xi’an (China). The Center counts with more than 20 teachers and specialists, and a group of researches.

Anyang Center
Zhineng Qigong

A Healing Center directed by teacher Liang Guang Wei, where many people come for healing any kind of disease. They have wonderful results for years in their permanent healing class.

Dao Qi World

With teacher Lu Zhengdao and Ling Ming. They share the foundation for a new culture and a new world from the true self, based on Dr. Pang Ming teachings (the founder of Zhineng Qigong)

First International Healing Retreat in Xi’an Center, organized by Rocío Sintas.

International Healing Retreat in Xi’an Center.

International Healing Retreat in Xi’an Center.

Opening paranormal abilities class, collaborating with Shouguang Zhineng Qigong Center.

Parents and children get together in the Opening abilities class for children in Shouguang.

With teacher Wang in Xi’an Center.

With teacher Liang, director of Anyang Center.

With part of the Scientific Research Group in Xi’an Center, teachers Wu and Xie.

Teachers Training
Qingcheng Mountains (China)

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