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Anyang Center
Intensive Healing Class

March – April – May 2021

Achieving total recovery of your health is possible

Learn the natural healing way of Zhineng Qigong complete system,
used by many people in China to succesfully heal

Join the experienced teachers from the permanent healing class in Anyang Center

· For people with various chronic diseases, willing to fully recover following the natural way
· For people with minor health problems, wishing to improve their health
· For healthy people that would like to learn Zhineng Qigong healing methodology

Welcome everybody!


3 months

March, April and May 2021
March 1st - 26th
April 5th - 30th May 10th to 28th

(Break: March 29th to April 4th, and May 3 to 9)


3 sessions/week Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

9 to 11.30pm (China) 2 to 4.30pm (Europe) 7 to 9.30am (Mexico) Plus one support class on Thursdays

Anyang Center team of teachers: Director Liang Teacher Zhang Teacher Chen
+ International team



Live sessions
Extra material
Individual support
Community sharings

(*Costs for Bank transfer) not included in the price)

Teacher Zhang

Experiences from our participants


«I just came out of an ultrasound exam, and my breast cancer and my axillary lymph node cancer have completely disapeared. There is no more cancer. The doctor who did the examen is the same doctor who saw me in previous times, and he was so shocked».

Rosa, Mexico

«I have managed to stand up for 45 minutes and then another 45 minutes. I have also put both feet together and jumped. Before that I could not do any of it. I am so happy, this really works! I am grateful to have found this path, now I am certain that I am going to be cured of a disease that for western medicine is incurable (polyarthritis). Thank you infinitely!!»

Sonia, Spain

«In 2005 I suffered from a genetic disease that caused me to lose my memory, to not be able to read, or walk, and that reduced my hearing to 30%. I tried all kinds of medicines and therapies during all these years. Yesterday during the healing session I had a feeling of pressure in the ear, like when you change altitude, and suddenly my ears pop out. Yesterday I forgot to put my hearing aids to come to class and when it finished I realised I was not wearing them. I was so happy! I can hear more, I can hear more! I was telling myself. So I turned on the TV and found that I could hear it at 55% when I normally put it at 75 or 100%. After so many years trying to achieve these results I finally got them. I am so happy and grateful to the teachers and organizers, it is an extraordinary experience».

Betty, Spain

«Sugar levels are now quite good, not completely normal,
but now they are not classified as diabetes, but as pre-diabetes,
which I consider a pretty good advance thanks to this course.

Also, a year ago my hair started to fall from the central part of my head and it was very noticeable. Now, after the second month of the course, my hair is quite normal on that part of the head. The hairdresser even told me about it two weeks ago».

Raúl, Mexico

«Physically I feel much lighter, flexible, rested, with immediate access to relaxation and renewal. I am waking up very fresh and some mornings incredibly new and strong. The whole body as a whole reacts positively. 
On the other hand, I feel open, with many possibilities, trusting and loving».

Belen, Spain

«Yesterday I sent healing to the daughter of a friend, a 6-year-old girl who was born without a sphincter and who has always depended on the Hospital to go to the bathroom. I visualized her smiling and her intestines transparent and clean, and with the information that “she will be able to go to the bathroom by herself.” Last night her mother called me crying telling me that the girl had gone to the bathroom by herself, for the first time in 6 years. We are more than a body, we are pure consciousness, and the power of our consciousness has no limits…!!»

Carolina, Spain

«It has been an enriching experience,
the humility, generosity and closeness of the teachers is the best help«.

Silvia, Spain

Open session Monday February 22nd, with healing cases from our last course, and teacher Zhang talking about «information» and the «qi field» as the most important aspects  for healing any disease, and guiding healing session for all parts of the body.

Open session Friday February 26nd, with Director Liang talking about «How to practice well», and guiding Qi field and healing sessión. Teacher Zhang finishes practicing La Qi for one part we need to heal.

One of our participants healed from cancer after following our 3 months online healing class (October to December 2020)

Zhineng Qigong

Anyang Zhineng Qigong Center was established in 2013 by teacher Liang Guang Wei.
It has currently 6 teachers and a research team of 10 members.
It has been devoting to the spread of Zhineng Qigong Culture
and the rehabilitation and fitness by Zhineng Qigong practice together with TCM.

The Center receives people from all over China, having great success in healing
all kind of illnesses
. People can decide to follow the healing class until they have totally recovered, counting with full support and guidance from the teachers. The results achieved attracts more and more people that continuosly come to the Center to follow the natural way.

The Scientific Research team has carried out a series of studies on the effects of consciousness on biological cell molecules, such as experiments to change the molecular structure of DNA
by organizing a qi field, experiments to kill cancer cells, and much more.

This online class offers a great opportunity for all people in the need of healing, and for those interested in learning Zhineng Qigong complete system, to experience the classes of the Center, and to achive great results.


The teachers

Liang Guang Wei


Teacher Liang is the Director of Anyang Zhineng Qigong Center. He has more than 30 years of experience teaching and healing with qigong. He is a Senior Instructor of Zhineng Health Preservation.

He took part of the teacher training in Huaxia on 1993-1995. After graduation, he stayed in the Center working from 1995 to 2001. He was in charge of the Teaching Department and some other important teaching classes. He was also once secretary of Dr. Pang and in 1995 he was in charge of all the training classes for all the teachers in the Center.

When he left the Center he went abroad to teach Zhineng Qigong. In 2006 he went to Germany and Austria for short period, then he went to Malaysia for teaching, and stayed for many years. In 2010, he returned home and stablish the Center in Anyang city.

His Center, Anyang Zhineng Qigong Center, receives people from all over China, having great success in healing and scientific research.

Teacher Zhang green

Teacher Zhang Yamin

He is the head teacher of the Rehabilitation Department of Anyang Center. He has more than 30 years of very rich experience that lead him to develop his own methods for the rehabilitation of various chronic diseases, especially the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and tumors, forming a complete unique healing system that have achieved great results.

Chen li

Teacher Chen Li

She is a one of the teachers of Anyang Zhineng Qigong Center. She has been spreading Zhineng Qigong for over 10 years. She joined Anyang Center in 2017, and entered the Research group, participating in experiments such as eliminating cancer cell by organizing qi fields and proving the effect of consciousness on changing the calf thymus DNA structure.


Zhineng Qigong is a scientific based qigong, that counts with a complete system of theories and methods for developing the human potential. Understanding and practicing qigong, we work with the mind, the qi and the body, to achieve a perfect state of health, and to improve our wisdom, our abilities, and our general wealth.

Zhineng Qigong is known for being one of the most effective healing systems, counting with thousands cases of success in healing all sorts of illnesses, that continue to increase everyday.

The scientific experiments that are carried out by Zhineng Qigong practitioners reveal how the mind can change the qi and the environment (plants, animals, and inanimate objects), allowing people to live with more awareness about their true nature, thus, with more freedom, peace and harmony.

Understanding of healing

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory believes that most diseases are caused by disorders of  situation of qi  and blockages of qi and blood. When qi and blood get abundant and flow well, diseases and viruses will naturally disappear.

Zhineng Qigong is based on this principle to eliminate diseases. Under the guidance of the teacher, doing a series of  practices and collective healing in a qi field which is organized by the teachers and all  practitioners, together with consciousness adjusting to reduce stress and negative emotions.

All these can help strengthen qi in the body to return to be abundant and get much in order, qi and blood flow well quickly, and enhance immunity efficiently. Once the situation of qi in the body returns to normal state, diseases will disappear imperceptibly.

Effects of the classes

Practitioners will receive varying degrees of good results in a short period of time:

  • To enhance body’s immunity and strengthen resistance, increase body’s vitality.
  • To strengthen the functions of all tissues and inner organs.
  • To improve blood circulation and microcirculation.
  • To strengthen brain function, enhance understanding and memory, and even develop extraordinary intelligence.
  • To change the factors affecting physical health fundamentally.
  • To improve the ability to control emotions.
  • To increase confidence, optimism, understanding of oneself and life.


1. From the most advanced to the simplest methods of healing. 


2. How to do self-healing in daily life?


3. Techniques and skills on how to work with all kind of cancer and tumors.


4. Specific guidance on diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases


5. How to treat bone and joint diseases, such rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and others


6. How do participants on critical health situation should use consciousness for self-healing, and how do family members can support the healing process?


7. How can participants with minor health problems use consciousness effectively for healing?


8. The use of scientific research to improve our healing abilities


9. Answering questions from participants all the way through the course

Theory and Talking therapy

1. Learning how to use our mind: The 3 layers of matter Theory
~ The information that we send can influence our body and its activities
~ The information that we send can change objective things
~ How to send healing to another person, to a group, and remote healing
~ Learn to apply healing information and energy into your food and drinks
How to connect Dr.Pang’s information

2. Learning about the Qi field
~ How to use the Qi field during practice and healing
~ How to use it in daily life
~ How to make full use of the qi field to have all its benefits for healing
~ How to organize a strong qi field for self-healing

3. Deepening into the understanding of our Conciousness
~ Consciousness and hunyuan qi
~ Quick process and slow process of practing and healing
~ How to use consciousness actively and positively during healing
~ How to use consciousness in daily life to keep a good qi gong state
~ Learn to use Imagination thinking for healing
~ Removing ordinary mind state that do not meet the requirements for healing and practicing

4. How to quickly get cured through practice?
~ Some people are practicing very hard but get well very slowly, why?
~ What kind of people get well quickly, what kind of people get well slowly?
~ Why do some people get healed but after a period of time get relapsed again?

Practice methods

We will emphasize the mind activities during the practice and combinating the mind with qi.
We will learn how to make good use of hunyuanqi to get healed.

1. Lift qi up and Pour qi down method
2. Three centers merge standing meditation
3. La qi method

4. Part of Body-Mind Form

5. Wallsquats

Healing methods

1. Collective healing in the qi field
2. Individual healing
3. Intensive healing (hua qi or hua san)
4. Some unique healing methods by teacher Zhang Yamin

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Hun Yuan Ling Tong

Use your mind to transform yourself, 
your environment, and your life.
The Totality has no limitations, and no impediments.

Testimonials from China

Zhang dianping, 69, male, from Shandong Province.
He had a very serious heart attack, 90% Coronary arteries were blocked. He said it hurt badly in the heart almost everyday. He could even hardly walked more than 200 meters, could neither do strenuous exercise nor do any physical work. The doctor advised him to do a heart bypass surgery but he refused.
Accompanied by his wife, he came to Anyang Center to receive Qigong treatment. He took part in the first two intensive classes and received remarkable results.
After the first 7-day training session, his heart condition improved greatly, he was even able to do wallsquats, increasing from 30 at the begining to 100 in seven days, also he could walked more easily.
He then attended the second intensive class. In the following 7 days, his heart function had obviously improved again. It's much easier for him to walk long distance and do more wallsquats. Meanwhile his heart works well.
After the class, we organized all the practitioners to go for a sightseeing around the city. We spent the whole day visiting two attractions. To our surprise, he followed us visiting and walking all day, but didn't feel uncomfortable in his heart at all. We were all encouraged and he was getting more and more confident!
Really marvelous!

Miao Yuzhen, a 75-year-old lady from Anyang.
She had thyroid nodules on both sides. She described them as as big as a peanut, one on each side.
She planned to go to the hospital for an operation, but she was worried about the risks, so she finally gave it up and went to Anyang Center to practice.
On the fourth day when she entered the intensive healing class, after doing practice, teacher Zhang organized the qi field to do healing. She felt she was in a very good state during the healing, then she touched the two nodules and found they were all gone.

Ms. Chen aipu, from Guangzhou, is 63 years old.
She is the sister of Mr. Chen Jing. Because she got a very good result in our intensive class, so recommended it to Ms. Chen. She had a stone in the left kidney for several years. She took part in the 3rd intensive class last May. After 7 days' healing, She went to the hospital in Anyang for an ultra-sound examination. The result showed the stone in her left kidney disappeared totally. And meanwhile, her insomnia also improved significantly.
She was so encouraged that all concerns were eliminated and began to study Dr. Pang's theory and did practice very hard every day.

Yin Zhijie, 59 years old, came to Anyang Center to practice in 2017.
Because of stomach cancerhe had his stomach removed, and most of it was taken out. He had almost no digestive function, the surgery made him very weak.
He eats eight to ten meals a day he had almost no digestive function. he ate only the very digestible millet gruel and cooked very soft noodles.
He tried many ways to restore his strength, but failed. There was no much improvement in physical condition.
Later, he was introduced to the Anyang Center to practice Zhineng qigong.
Under the careful guidance of the teachers in the center, he practiced very hard, and made great progress from a beginner very soon. His physical condition was also gradually improved.
He became more and more confident and practiced even harder.
Every time after class, he would stay and practice for another half an hour or more time and didn't have a day off even on Sundays. When the Spring Festival came (the most important festival in China for family reunion), all the practitioners and teachers returned home, but he didn't. He remained in the center for practice more.
He believed firmly that he could cure his illness through hard practice, so he kept on practicing hard. He thought of nothing but practice every day. finally he got amazing results. After a period of time, he looked better and better both in mind and body. He didn't feel weak anymore, more and more stronger instead. He was full of energy and happiness, totally forgot his illness, and changed completely both in mind and body. Finally he gained 15 kilos weight, which was obvious to everyone.
Then he left the center and went home to start a new life full of hope.

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